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Common Painting Mistakes from Roseville Property Management


As a property owner, it may be tempting to paint your rental property on your own, as you may think you can save on money if you do it yourself. Of course, you always have the option of hiring a Sacramento property management team to take care of everything for you, from maintenance and repair to screening and leasing duties. However, if you decide to go it alone, take care to avoid these common DIY mistakes that can lead to an unattractive paint job or even an injury.


Careless ladder use is a dangerous mistake and is a common cause of accidents when painting a home. You don't want to get distracted with your work and forget where you are, which can result in a fall. Another common error is skipping the tape. If you want straight lines around the woodwork, windowsills, and doorframes, grab the painter's tape and get the nice, clean edges you want and avoid the messy lines and blotches that occur when you skip this step.


Painting without primer is another mistake to avoid. Primer gives paint a good surface to adhere to and brings out the true color of the shade you've chosen. Going without it can lead to poor results. Also, don't forget to avoid brushing when you should be rolling. For a large interior area, a roller will do a better job in less time. Select the right roller for your sheen of paint and try to avoid pushing the roller into the wall when you paint.


Again, a quality Roseville property management company can take all the work off your plate, while you get to relax and reap the rewards of renting out your property. The choice is yours!