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Rental Homes in Sacramento : The Process of Kitchen Remodeling


You won't regret a kitchen remodel for your rental property. The kitchen is often the most used and functional rooms in the home, and it should stay up-to-date in order to attract long-term quality tenants. If you're considering remodeling the kitchen of your rental in Sacramento, you may be wondering what the process entails. Here's a basic outline of the process to give you a general idea of what to expect.


The first step is the initial consultation. During this phase, you will discuss your preferences and expectations with your contractor. You should bring pictures or clippings to show what you have in mind for your rental home's kitchen, and you and the contractor can discuss what is feasible as well as prices and a timeline.


Design is the next step. Working with an architect, you and your contractor will come up with a design for the new kitchen, working in your ideas and preferences from the initial consultation. After that, you make your selections. Often the most fun part of the remodel, this phase is when you pick out fixtures, tiles, and other elements to the kitchen. Just make sure to stay within your budget.


Contracting comes next. In this phase, your contractor will give you a final price for the project, and you and your contractor will enter into a legal agreement. Your contractor will then obtain the necessary permits for construction. After that, construction begins. Your contractor will remodel the kitchen according to the agreed-upon specifications.


The last step is the final walk-through and closing. Before closing, the contractor's team will begin final inspections, and you can look closely at the work and make sure everything meets your agreed-upon specifications and expectations. Closing follows, and then you can advertise your rental home in Sacramento with its brand new kitchen!