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Rental Homes in Sacramento : Lawn Care Basics from the Experts


An attractive and well-kept lawn is a great asset for a property owner. A beautiful yard attracts tenants and increases the property's "curb appeal". In order to achieve a beautiful lawn, follow these handy, professional tips on how to take care of the lawn of your rental in Sacramento.


It's important to water your property's lawn early for two distinct reasons. Firstly, watering early in the day conserves water. Early-morning watering is best because the sun isn't evaporating the water before the grass and plants have a chance to absorb it. Secondly, watering early discourages fungal disease and mildew because of the cool temperatures and quicker exposure to the sun. However, take care not to overwater your lawn. The trick is to give it a deep watering every three to four days.


It's also a good idea to mow high. Many people make the common mistake of mowing low, thinking that the lower they mow the grass, the more time there will be before they have to mow again. However, this can damage the lawn. Longer grass blades shade the soil in order to reduce water loss and weed growth. A good rule of thumb is to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade length in order to prevent thatch buildup and to protect the tender undergrowth from the scorching sun.


Lastly, don't forget to fertilize the lawn during its active growing periods in spring and fall. Aim for the cooler part of the season and remember that different regions have different optimal times to fertilize. If all goes well, the lawn of your rental home in Sacramento will be beautiful year-round, pleasing tenants and prospective tenants alike!